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I believe in the bible adage that says "giving is better than receiving. I am a philanthropist at heart; I have contributed to a number of charities throughout my years of success. When I give, I am truly excited and happy and my heart rejoices. Last November I went to Africa and saw things that were simply not fair. Kids could not afford to go to school because their parents could not afford to pay $1.00 a week. I was mortified! Education has played a major part in my career, including the success of my businesses and money management. What would I have done if I didn’t have my education?

As I toured Africa, I thought "What can I do?" I couldn’t stand back and watch these young children not attend school and possibly miss out on a brighter future. And at that moment, I found my calling, I found my love. I created The Serena Williams Foundation to give hope for a better life. My first endeavor was in partnership with HP and Build African Schools. We built a school in Kenya called The Serena Williams Secondary School. The school allows children to receive free education. They will be afforded a chance to be the best that they can be and more.


I live in the United States of America, where the opportunity for higher education is very limited. It’s time to take a stand; we should no longer make it acceptable for any child to be left behind. Currently, the foundation is implementing a program to provide the underprivileged in America an opportunity to receive higher education.

If we can come together to help create a society that fosters education and provide financial resources for higher learning, then we can create a healthier more productive society. Think of how many children we can take off the streets and put into schools. Or how many families we can help recover as victims of violent crimes. I am one person with one dream and one goal. Imagine the impact we can make, by uplifting an individual’s desire to become the best. Together we can make a difference.